Movie Irony

I don’t recall if I have posted about this before or not, but since I’ve been light on content lately, here goes…

I went to see Despicable Me 2 tonight with the family. And while we’re watching the previews, we see the whole Turn-Off-Your-Phone PSA. No big deal, right? They play it before every single movie and twice before Tom Cruise movies to make up for his height. (Jack Reacher? Really?)

Well, I’m going to make it a big deal now. Why? Because not even 15 minutes prior to this POS PSA the theatre shows an ad for it’s phone app. You know the one: “Download our app and you’ll be inundated with ads for things you could definitely live without and have for the entirety of your life so far!able to earn fun rewards!

Well that’s all fine and dandy except for one thing. The fact that for you to achieve these ‘free’ rewards, guess what you have to do? That’s right. You have to activate the app and LEAVE YOUR PHONE ON THROUGH THE ENTIRE MOVIE.

WIDTS: Hey movie theatre retards, I stopped turning my phone off during movies after I watched The Ring and my phone rang as soon as I turned it back on. Let’s just understand that no one is going to turn their phone off for a two hour movie and you can make another PSA that matches actual reality instead of movie ‘reality’, mmkay?


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