What a Prince!

So news is out that Prince William is going to take some paternity leave from the military. ‘Experts’ are calling his move ‘a precedent’ and saying ‘it sends a strong message’.

Here are the messages I’ve received:

A rich-beyond-measure fake ruler-to-be gets to take time off? Shocking!

People have taken this obsession with royalty to the extreme.

Even if he wasn’t rich, English law allows him the time AND a wage while he’s on the leave. It’s not a huge decision if you don’t completely suffer financially.

So what do I desire to say? England, get a fucking clue and end the drain on your economy and taxes by giving the royal the old heave ho. Tradition is nice and all, but when it stands in the way of progress it’s time to move out of the medieval times and join the rest of the Western world in the 21st century


Feel free to tell me what YOU wanted to say!

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