These Are My Co-Workers: Just the Fax Edition

Like many companies today, we receive faxes through a cloud-based service that delivers the fax to an email address that everyone has access to. The following is an actual event:

Co-Worker: Is there any way to check and see if we got a fax?

WIDTS: In the immortal words of Donald Trump, which were edited to appease the television censors, “Are you shitting me? Are you fucking serious? Get the hell out of my sight. You’re fired!”

These Are My Co-Workers

Notes from an inter-office memo I came across:

8/28 – Let me know what you would like me to do – AA
8/27 – Please email the enrollment form to them so they can enroll – AW

WIDTS: These are my co-workers. Please use this as Exhibit 1 in my defense during the upcoming murder trial. Thank you.



Fuck You, Auto-Correct!

A portion of an email I received today:


Below is the requested information you requested. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,

WIDTS: Actually, I do have a question… has the proliferation of blogs like this one taught the human race NOTHING!?!?!? I would think with the consistent #FAIL of auto-correct, people would be proof-reading more, not less. 
*Couldn’t resist those last 2 (Recommended) tags. They went together so nicely.


These are notes I happened on today while doing my audit of people’s work. The initials at the end are the initials of different reps.

8/13 – Enrollment received, address not verified. – SA
8/6 – Status Changed to Recruiting – JJM
8/6 * Updated Contact – Verified Address – JJM

WIDTS: Not quite sure how you can UN-verify something that has been verified, but apparently this blonde(Yes, she really is blonde) can do it. I may have to learn how so my phone# can be un-verified for all the collection agencies that have started harassing me.