Ducking Idiotic Americans

This whole brouhaha over Phil Robertson’s comments just makes me shake my head in disgust over the lack of understanding most Americans have regarding the term ‘freedom of speech’.

High school civics taught me that while the 1st Amendment gives us freedom of speech, it just means that the government cannot jail you or suppress your right of expression. It doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want and not expect recriminations from society collectively & individually.

As an (alleged) free market society there are still effects, results & consequences of citizens expressing their beliefs & opinions that have nothing to do with government.

So the next time one of your favorite public figures shoots their mouth off and ends up with a self – inflicted firestorm of public backlash, please save your breath in quoting the freedom of speech “defense”.

Unless it’s the government that is persecuting them. Then by all means, open your mouth and remove all doubt as to your lack of intelligence also.


Feel free to tell me what YOU wanted to say!

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