Is That ALL?

From today’s “They turned off their brain” file:

Supplier sent in an enrollment form completely filled out, faxed it in and then called to ask what other information we needed.

WIDTS: Well… the form was completely filled out, so… I will need the account numbers and passwords for every financial account you own or have control over.

Self-tech Help for Idiots

Self-Tech Support for the user


Things you should do when encountering a hiccup in your technological workings.

1. Capture the error message in full. Even those ‘words’ that are just a bunch of letters/numbers. They can be the most important part of the error message.

2. Close the program and restart it.

3. If web-based, clear cache & cookies.

4. Turn your device off and on. (It’s a cliché because it fucking WORKS).

5. NOW you may contact tech support.

Failure to abide by the above instructions in the prescribed order, may result in thermal detonation of your workspace.