Standing in line at the department store last week, I start up a conversation with the guy in front of me. 

Me: Quite a line, huh man? 

Him: Yeah.

Me: So, you all ready for Christmas?

Him: Oh, almost. This Nerf gun and Barbie are my last gifts.

Me: Good for you man. So you apparently don’t believe in this doomsday crap with the Mayan Calendar then, eh?

Him: On, no. It’s totally real. The world is gonna end on Friday.

WIDTS: So you’re buying Christmas presents because… 





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Address Please?

Wrap Around Address Labels

Image by blush printables via Flickr

Me: And what is the billing address for your order?

Caller: Did you want the billing or shipping address?

Me: You know what? Let me give you an address. The address for the Pay the F*%& Attention Institute.

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Alcoholic Eggs?

Glasses and a carton of eggnog (called by its ...

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Found on a popular Q&A site: How to make egg nog non alcoholic?

WIDTS: Well, first of all you have to distill it down. Build a distillery and run it through that. Or the simple way is by not adding alcohol.

Internet Knows All!

Sony PSP

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Question posted on a popular Q&A website: My parents took my psp,but they lost it,so we looked in closets,drawers,shelfs,the car,etc.Where could it be?

WIDTS: You know that PSP your cousin got for Christmas? Yeah….

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Santa? Where are you?

Official NORAD Santa Tracker Video

Image by search-engine-land via Flickr

Question posted on a popular Q&A site: So is the whole NORAD santa tracker thing totally made up? because one the website they make it seem so real, but are they just making it special for little kids?

WIDTS: OMG! Did you fall off the turnip truck today or something?
(I really hope I’m bursting some kids bubble here. Teach a parent to not let their kid on the net unsupervised.)

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