Student Intuition

Note I saw on a file today:

the university accepts cc payment forstudent intuition. Need invoice to access the account.

WIDTS: Obviously, you have paid WAY too little tuition to have the job you currently have.



Me: The program is completely optional and refundable, sir.

Caller: I don’t understand what you’re saying, man.

WIDTS: Perhaps, you should take an ESL course, sir. I am speaking English and am doing so at a level most junior high students can recognize. 

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Stefany Petesic with an alleged email of, posting from a supposed IP address of and posting on the ‘I Say, I Say…’ post, says:I just could not depart your website prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information an individual supply in your visitors? Is gonna be again continuously to check out new posts.

WIDTS: Thank you for arriving before your standard departure. May I suggest some English classes prior to your departing my website?

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bbooky with an alleged email of abcrff@sdfkjsehf, supposedly posting from an IP of, and commenting on the post ‘Subtitled’, said: Download free books here: T-DoubleOdd Designs (I replaced their sneaky anonymous shortened URL, with one to my t-shirt website.)
Download here free books

WIDTS: I’m sorry but “Download here free books” is poor form, my good chap. But then you knew that because you said it right the first time, or did you just get lucky? I suggest you crack open one of those free books on the English language

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Who Helped You Log On (WHYLO) I

Han Fusco of, with an IP of said: Absolutely indited content , Really enjoyed studying.

WIDTS: Strangely, I have not yet received a notice of an INDICTMENT. Please refer to before posting again.

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