Fuck You, Auto-Correct!

A portion of an email I received today:


Below is the requested information you requested. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,

WIDTS: Actually, I do have a question… has the proliferation of blogs like this one taught the human race NOTHING!?!?!? I would think with the consistent #FAIL of auto-correct, people would be proof-reading more, not less. 
*Couldn’t resist those last 2 (Recommended) tags. They went together so nicely.



WIDTS: Copy paste is NOT a customer service method, bitch. We are reporting that our phones aren’t working. A LOT of us are reporting that our fucking phones aren’t working and we are ALL in the same basic area. WHAT THE FUCK does that tell YOU?! Can you at least throw us a bone and say there MAY be an outage, but you are waiting on confirmation from Engineering. Don’t fucking insult us.


Don’t Do Skanks, Kids


Free twitter badge

Not doing Twitter, Ninja-style.

Twitter conversation found @ https://twitter.com/#!/phoebetime/status/130103831055966208

Phoebetime: Pattonoswalt let’s check FB I don’t do twitter

WIDTS:  Even for a skank, 500 million sexual partners is a lot.

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