Now vs. Then

Authorities locked down my daughter’s high school  today because a couple of kids mixed some chemicals and caused an explosion. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it got me thinking about how her high school experience differs from mine.

Now: Kids plot to blow up the school or shoot people.

Then: Kids planted vicious rumors about their enemies like, “George is gay” or “Stephanie wears granny panties.”

Now: Kid brings a manicure set to school. Principal gives a “ticket” and the kid is one piece of gum stuck under a desk from expulsion and public ridicule.

Schoolchildren eating hot school lunches made ...

School lunch, not to be confused with Skool Lunch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then: I used my pocket knife to cut the school lunch into pieces I could suck on and finally chew on my way home from school.

Now: Parent: “How was your day at school?” Kid: “Fine”

Then: Parent: “How was your day at school?” Kid: “Fine”

Maybe it’s not so different after all…

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Don’t Call Us, We Won’t Call You

Out to Lunch (video game)

Image via Wikipedia

Me: We are their lunchtime answering service.

Caller: Are they gone for the rest of the day?

WIDTS: Yes, “lunch” is the codeword for “They don’t want to ever talk to you.”

*Actual caller handled by me while working for an answering service. Names & Identifying information have been changed. Bolded text is what I DESIRED to say…*

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