Notes from an account today…

Suzie Controller* states that she doesn’t want to participate in any payment initiative for any high dollar amount transactions due to the merchant fees for those transactions and rather than setting a dollar limit per transaction, she would prefer to not participate at all. She did state though that credit card payments could be made online. To pay by credit card you must go to*.

WIDTS: So you don’t want to participate due to the fees you’re going to be charged anyway when I decide to make my payment online? If it makes sense to a government employee, it has to be logical to everyone else, right? 

Does anyone else see why government-think is a retarded state of mind?


*names & identifying information has been changed to protect the guilty and to increase the hilarity.


Buy 50, get 3 FREE!

From an email we received at work:

I was hoping to speak to someone regarding a change by [redacted] to Credit Card payment for our Staffing Services. Our preferred method of payment is ACH. There would be a 6% increase in services rendered in order to process via Credit Card.

WIDTS: So you’re going to give me 6% MORE employees when I pay you with a credit card? So if I hire 50, I get 3 free?