Locked and Mentally Unloaded


Post on a pro-gun rally page:


our we inviting the wonderful pastor from the bsaptist church in orem to this…that man is gifted


A Hi-Point CF380 pistol, unloaded, with the sl...

A pistol, unloaded, with the slide locked back. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Odd Time for a Deportation

English: Wave pool of Boulder Beach

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I went to the local waterpark. While we were sitting in the wave pool between wave periods, playing with the inner tube, a child of South American descent comes up to us and asks, “Can I use that when you’re done with it?”

“Well, no. This one is ours.”

“Can you get me one?”
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Because We SAID So!


WIDTS: A hit already, huh? You’ve aired ONE goddamn episode that followed the OLYMPICS Closing Ceremonies. In that time slot, I think my colonoscopy video would have pulled the same numbers your episode did. 

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Over the Memorial Day weekend here in the Beehive State (not named for the preponderance of beehive hairdo‘s of women in the 50’s here, but from family pics I’d swear it was) there was an accidental shooting involving alcohol that claimed the life of a young man and likely the future his brother had chosen for himself. Tragic, but it’s what happens when you mix guns and alcohol.

But, I’m not the kind of guy to point out the stupidity and ignorance of people who are enduring such an event (oops). that’s not the reason for this post. No the reason for this post is this tweet from a reporter with our local Fox affiliate.

Gee, you’ve just lost a family member in what is probably the worst way imaginable. Can we prolong your suffering and nightmares in the name of reporting by playing the 911 tapes on the news, all so that we can get a minor bump in the ratings?

Insensitive clods… but then again, it IS Fox. Why would I expect anything different?

The Romans would be appalled that this we didn’t have that call broadcast live, so I guess it is progress of some sort. Geez, it only took 2,000 years.

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Just As Good?

From an online news article found here: The Lady Bots, an all-girls team, took first place in Saturday’s second annual FIRST LEGO competition, showing that girls are as excited about playing with LEGOs as boys.
“We like it, we had a lot of fun building it…and we’re just as good as the boys,” said Elizabeth Prucka, The Lady Bots.

WIDTS: No you’re not just as good as the boys. You’re better. Congratulations.

Addicted To Nothing

WIDTS: So let me get this straight. You’re addicted to something you’ve never experienced? Apparently, this site is much too dangerous.

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