Twitter Invades!

A business-to-business communication:

Attached is the info requested..any questions pls let us now..thanks

WIDTS: Twitter nor a teenager’s phone this is NOT!


The Wise Blogger

A wise blogger who was traveling in the blogosphere found a precious post in her stream, which they then re-blogged, citing the source. The next day, another traveler who was hungry for knowledge happened upon their post and found it inspirational. The Traveler asked if they could re-blog the post, which the wise blogger allowed without hesitation.  The Traveler rejoiced in their good fortune. They knew the message found in the post was worth enough to drive traffic to their blog for a lifetime. He copied and posted the message to his blog, but failed to attribute the content to its author. A few days later, The Traveler came back to the wise blogger’s site.

“I’ve been thinking,” they said, “I know how valuable the message in the post is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the post, knowing how likely it was that it’s source would not be attributed.“  

By that point, however, his blog had gone viral being fueled by the voracious 24-hour news cycle and so he received the best of both worlds.

Adapted from “The Wise Woman’s Stone” Author Unknown

WIDTS:  Moral of the story? It’s more lucrative to receive forgiveness than ask permission. ;o)

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Virgin Mobile’s Bad Day

Virgin Mobile‘s “fantabulous” social media team is at it again. The partial screen shot below is the earliest I could see of them being aware of the outage that was confirmed to me by phone nearly 2 hours before this tweet was posted on their feed.

This was soon replaced by this, ad nauseam:

So at least 4 hours ago, these people knew there was a national outage and yet we still see things like the following:

These people must be getting tired or they are trying to be “fresh” with each tweet, because now we see stupidity starting to creep in:

And then this.

I should hope to hell you plan to resolve this!

Now we see that not everyone is on the same page as is usual in a customer service enterprise, but now we have actual proof provided by the company.

What a joke.

Faceboo Is Suggesting I May Be a Pedophile

Facebook logo

No Facebook?

As a father of 2 teenage daughters that both have a Facebook account, I find myself bombarded with “suggestions” of whom I should be “friending” on the social networking site. Only problem with that is that Facebook seems to be telling me I should be a pedophile. Recently, I looked at the ‘Find Friends‘ feature on my mobile browser and of the 10 people it recommended that I add as a friend, SIX of them were in high school!

So I’m wondering if this is a good thing or not. I mean I do want to know what is going on in my daughter’s lives, but if it means that I look like an online sexual predator, maybe us dad’s would be better off leaving this kind of shit to the mother of our children. It doesn’t seem creepy when a hot mom has all of her son’s friends added as Facebook friends does it? I wouldn’t know as I am not a mom, or a parent of a son who has been “friended” by the neighborhood MILF

Well, actually I do know. My younger brother chose to move in with his best friend and his widowed mother who is 35 years older than the both of them and he ended up marrying her, and she’s neither hot nor rich!

So maybe Facebook needs to do something about that or maybe parents should quit relying on using social media to keep track of their children and instead, be actively involved in their lids’ lives.


Logic training failed

Me: the phone reprogram failed. I received an error mesage of: “Service programming changes were not stored”

Tech support via Twitter DM: So you were not able to re-program the phone?

WIDTS: WHATEVER gave you the idea that I was not able to re-program the phone? It went FLAWLESSLY!

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Bored or Board. Eh, Who Cares?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Question posed on a popular Q&A site: I need facebook proxies that work.?

listen i have a lot of free time on the computer at my school and i need some facebook proxies that work. please help me im so board. thank you.

WIDTS: Let’s say that you study English some, mmmkay? First of all, the “L” on “listen” should be capitalized. Secondly, Facebook is a proper noun and is also capitalized. Lastly, but probably most importantly, “board” is a piece of wood or a panel of people, not a description of your spiritless and disinterested way of life. That word would be “bored”.  Or a description of the educated people of the internet when they see tripe like this.