Missive Thermo-Email Global Warfare

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The Farce of Facebook

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So I see Facebook has taken exception with employers that are asking job applicants for passwords to their Facebook accounts. Refreshing change coming from the biggest violator of online privacy, huh?

From a PR standpoint, sure. But what if this is just a huge ploy to get them some positive press? Or to hide some other more nefarious privacy issue? Here’s what I imagine an exchange sounded like between Zuckerburg and some underlings:

Underling1: Heya, Mark. We are taking a beating in the press and I think we need to…


Zuckerburg: WAY ahead of ya dude. I reached out to a few developers and employers and promised them some ransom for making us look better when they start asking applicants for their Facebook passwords and to show them private info.

Faceboo Is Suggesting I May Be a Pedophile

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No Facebook?

As a father of 2 teenage daughters that both have a Facebook account, I find myself bombarded with “suggestions” of whom I should be “friending” on the social networking site. Only problem with that is that Facebook seems to be telling me I should be a pedophile. Recently, I looked at the ‘Find Friends‘ feature on my mobile browser and of the 10 people it recommended that I add as a friend, SIX of them were in high school!

So I’m wondering if this is a good thing or not. I mean I do want to know what is going on in my daughter’s lives, but if it means that I look like an online sexual predator, maybe us dad’s would be better off leaving this kind of shit to the mother of our children. It doesn’t seem creepy when a hot mom has all of her son’s friends added as Facebook friends does it? I wouldn’t know as I am not a mom, or a parent of a son who has been “friended” by the neighborhood MILF

Well, actually I do know. My younger brother chose to move in with his best friend and his widowed mother who is 35 years older than the both of them and he ended up marrying her, and she’s neither hot nor rich!

So maybe Facebook needs to do something about that or maybe parents should quit relying on using social media to keep track of their children and instead, be actively involved in their lids’ lives.


Bored or Board. Eh, Who Cares?

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Question posed on a popular Q&A site: I need facebook proxies that work.?

listen i have a lot of free time on the computer at my school and i need some facebook proxies that work. please help me im so board. thank you.

WIDTS: Let’s say that you study English some, mmmkay? First of all, the “L” on “listen” should be capitalized. Secondly, Facebook is a proper noun and is also capitalized. Lastly, but probably most importantly, “board” is a piece of wood or a panel of people, not a description of your spiritless and disinterested way of life. That word would be “bored”.  Or a description of the educated people of the internet when they see tripe like this.