Contradictions in Humanity

Does it bother anyone else when you receive a statement from an alleged professional that contradicts itself?

To wit, the following statement:

Thank you for considering Denseon for the payment plus program. We had a project with Mountain View previously and it’s paid in full. As of now, we do not have any upcoming jobs. Denseon will only accept payment by credit card in the future if it’s for incidental work meaning under $5k. Much larger projects will have to be paid by credit card due to high costs in fees.

Thanks for talking yourself into this payment program and being so CLEARLY stupid…



Does it Apply?

So I am the quality control supervisor at my job. Today, I had to send back a paper to an agent because they did not include a note from the supplier to their customer which read, “We require the billing address also.”

He then sends back the following response: “Would this apply?”

I reply, “If they REQUIRE it, I’m pretty sure it would apply, right?”

Not getting the hint, he then got up from his desk asked me what I meant. He had this to sa about his previous response, “I was asking if what I added was correct.”

WIDTS: You’ve spoken and heard English for all 22 of your years on this Earth and “Would this apply?” means “Is this correct?” to you? Seems legit… to dudes whose girlfriend’s beat them up.