My own personal Writing Challenge

While my daughter was with me for my recent bi-weekly visitation this weekend, we played a session of the board game, Life. If you are familiar with the game, you know that as you go through the gameplay you pick up what are called “Life tiles” and at the end of the game these tiles are turned over and the dollar amounts are added to the stack of cash that you accumulated.

I usually don’t look at the events mentioned on the tiles, but this time through I did. And I thought it would be cool to write a short(?) story based upon those events I had “experienced” in the game. Hey, if Milton Bradley‘s Battleship can spawn a movie that ends up being based on only 1% of itself, why not, right?

Well, here is a picture of those events.

Story to come shortly over @

Who else would like to take this challenge and compare stories?

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