So, Your Board, Huh?

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Waisted Day

A tweet found on the Twitter feed of Tweets By Anon: Thank you snapple for your info caps, cause when i play cod all day long i still feel like i didnt just waist a day of my life

WIDTS: Nope, not a wasted day at all, if you can make at least 10 grammar and spelling mistakes in 140 characters or less. I am impressed!

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flash games 2012 with alleged email of posting from a supposed IP of and commenting on the ‘Seasoned’ post, says: At the end of the day ‘Let your yes be your yes and your no be your no”. Respect is some thing that is gained by means of believe in and trust is built on the integrity of the writer who releases words to be read by numerous.

WIDTS: Letting “my yes be my yes and my no be my no”? That is profound. Which is something people say when the other person says something that is completely off the wall and they don’t want to offend the speaker.

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PSP Coma?

Posted on a popular Q&A site: Playstaion Personal.Will the psp tv tuner still work after the digital switch in 2009? just want to know before i buy.

WIDTS: Were you in a coma for the last 3 years and no one has told you that you were?

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You Gotta Have Faith

My 11-year old: Dad, you should ask Santa for the Xbox Kinect so you can get Just Dance 2.

WIDTS: *not going to crush her hopes, not going to crush her hopes*


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Duh na na na na! Batman!

Batman Beyond

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Question posted on a popular Q&A site:  how does batman know where to be?

WIDTS: The same way that all fake heroes know where to be. The director tells him where to be and when to be there in time to make his dramatic entrance.

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Crawling Along


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Question posted on a popular Q&A site: Who is the invention of light?
WIDTS? If I were you, I’d focus on being able to crawl before being able to fly.

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You’ll Be Lucky To Have A Sip

From a game recap @

“Sac. State’s Jeff Fleming hit Brandyn Reed with a TD pass in OT to pull even with Ore. State and found him again in the end zone when the Hornets went for the two-point conversion for a 29-28 upset win…”

WIDTS: First of all, welcome to the big leagues of sportswriting and congratulations on pulling the wool over the eyes of ESPN’s HR dept. you uncredited hack. I’m sure this is a dream come true for you.

You must have been overly excited to write your first game recap all on your own, so I feel like I can sort of overlook the monumental error you made in describing how the Hornets stung the Beavers on the game’s final two plays.

See in American football different plays can have different score values. Since they were down 7 points and a TD by itself is only 6, what really happened is that the TD merely gave the Hornets the OPPORTUNITY to either tie the score with an extremely likely-to-be successful extra point, win the game with a much less
likely-to-be-successful two-point conversion or lose the game if the two-point try failed. If the TD pass HAD tied the game why not take the best odds and kick the almost-sure-thing extra point?

Now that your football knowledge has been exposed for futbol knowledge, we shall be sending you back to your high school newspaper so you can learn how to write about football so that you can MAYBE have a cup of coffee in “The Show” next year when rosters expand again.

Ultimate n00b

An in-game screenshot of a player-versus-playe...

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I’m playing a MMORPG where to join a group, you need to be within 5 levels of another player. And the following exchange takes place:

elicin: hey any1 in this cave

Me: Yes

elicin: wanna group up?

Me: What lvl R U?

elicin: 19

Me: Then you’re too low for me.

elicin: wat lvl r u?

Me: 29

elicin: then im 5 lvls away to group u

WIDTS: In what new math has 10 become the new 5?

elicin: im 19 your 29 and u need to be 5 lvls apart to group duh

Me: (silence)

elicin: now im leaving this cave

WIDTS: I should hope that you are going back to 1 of 2 pursuits. Either math class or the rules of the game. noob!