Fuck You, Auto-Correct!

A portion of an email I received today:


Below is the requested information you requested. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,

WIDTS: Actually, I do have a question… has the proliferation of blogs like this one taught the human race NOTHING!?!?!? I would think with the consistent #FAIL of auto-correct, people would be proof-reading more, not less. 
*Couldn’t resist those last 2 (Recommended) tags. They went together so nicely.

Appalachian Sexuality

From a post I found on Tumblr.com (NSFW) while surfing last night: I am a 55 year old Goddess, 5’10” tall size 12 with 4 grown sons who discovered the beauty of my sexuality and am loving it. I hope you enjoy.

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WIDTS: Because I can understand written Idiotese, I will interpret for those that do not: You need to take about six HUNDRED writing subs to get to the level of merely incompetent.

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Mommy, What Dese Buttons Do?

WIDTS: It appears that based on your writing, the system has automatically placed your question in the appropriate category.

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Writers Block

writer's block

Image by K. Sawyer via Flickr

Question posed on a popular Q&A site: I don’t have writer’s block. What should I do?

WIDTS: Either get writing and try to sell the manuscript so it can get rejected or develop writer’s block to save yourself the pain of constant rejection.

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