That’s Horrible, DOCTOR Horrible

Well, it has apparently happened again. My little blog with its tens of readers received a nomination for Dr. Horrible’s Blog Award (created by theforgottenwife), courtesy of bossymoskie. She apparently thinks I need to be ruling the world and… I would agree. Muchas Grazie!

While I know these awards are not a Webby award and I said so on a couple of occasions, I have come to realize that to me they are much more personal and gratifying to receive. These awards are typically bestowed by a long-time reader of your blog and they experience your voice on a post-by-post basis in a way that can be lacking if one is not immersed in such a manner. Some posts are in direct response to current events and even though the reader may be aware of the event in question, the passage of time robs some of the meaning from those posts. So in that way, the awards received from fellow bloggers and constant readers of your blog are more valuable than some Webby Award, at least I now think so.


1.  You MUST accept, otherwise Dr. Horrible will be very disappointed.  And you will not like him when you make him angry. (Not to mention, me!)

2.  You MAY NOT pass this blog award to someone who has already won this award.  That means that it can’t go back to the person that gave it to or to anyone else that has already received it. NO CHEATING! LOL!

3.  Put the tag on your blog, so that others may recognize your awesomeness and not gift you again.

4.  Thank the blogger that gave you the award and link back to them on your blog.

5.  Award as many, or as few, bloggers as you would like.  You must give it to at least ONE blogger.  After that, it’s at your discretion. (See below)

6.  Answer these questions:

a) If you ran the world, what would you outlaw immediately?

One that reads my blog would think I would say “Stupid People”, but then what would I have to blog about? So, no, I would actually outlaw the making of any movie that takes a franchise past three films in a 20-year period. (Spiderman, AGAIN already? Seriously?)

b) Boxers or briefs?

Gonna cheat here and say boxer-briefs

c)If you made a Nobel speech, who would you thank?

The infinite bribes, assassinations and dastardly deeds that made it possible.
Now, the nominees!
Sadly, I cannot nominate the 2 blogs that I immediately thought of for this award because naturally, they’ve already received the award. The first is onlinedatingjournal and the 2nd is the person I received this award from, bossymoskie, my nominator for this award. But the rules don’t say anything about giving them additional props, now do they?
So without further ado, the nominees are….
Seven seems like a good number to stop at as it is allegedly a lucky number.
Thanks to my readers for keeping me going! I appreciate you a ton!

8 thoughts on “That’s Horrible, DOCTOR Horrible

  1. I do graciously accept this prestigious award. I hope we can share the additional 10s of readers that should be pointed our way as a result of this award. I would like to thank you and the readers that I have. I will tip a glass of the Jim Jones Special in your honor this evening.

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